The me of SS08=

/on the musicside we be freestylin=


Most Anticipated

..Act for me on this years roskildeFestival08=---->>>>>LIARS.
I've missed their previous gig in Denmark but next week,mwaHH..Can't wait!!!


Hype of the Ex-Hype

What do you do when electro rock gets so overexposed and annoying that it makes you eat 3 scoops of mint-icecream instead of that really good greentea one?---you just make elctro rock that actually works-little Jesper is working miracles out of practically nothing:(-mind you this is a myspace rippoff and is edited down to just the bare essential).I so want a clubby 15min version of this track for my-soon to come-birthday(I'm looking at YOU!)

I Scream Ice Cream - Trust Tissue


I Heart

-Tweens wearinf 2-Pac T-shirts
-Girls dressing and talking like Dolly Parton
-Dolly Parton talkin
-German germans
-Boyish boys
-Blond blondes
-Ute Ploier
-Dakara soft drink
---------------------------------and I really love this sparkling little piece of spaceexploration=


I Hate

-Tweens wearing Joy Division T-shirts
-Guys dressing and talking like Bod Dylan
-Bod Dylan talking
-Christian christians
-Gay gays
-Straight straights
-Kriss van Asche
-Coke Zero
----------------------------------------I Love=the new Erol Alkan DISCO3000 mix


Never Too Late

I've been wanting to post this for a long time, but always got away from it.Now it's here though, when listening you shouldn't fall of your chair of excitement, there's nothing new and revolutionary in this remix.Instead it's soaked in pro ├╝ber sensitive production skills and a really great sence of vocal-use.This track has a special aura that will haunt you for a long time after listening(if not..you have no heart).


Beat this

Liquid Liquid are legends and legends deserve a 4-ble up
..so here they are, my 4 favorite tracks of theirs=
btw...how hot were these guys?I hope they've had their share of groupies cus they surely deserved it.


Orgasm Addict

Major Orgasm Highlights:

3.48=A spaceguitar freaking out on pling plong aliens..followed by Stungun attacks

8.02=A weird series of spacey scratching like you've never heard it before

11.20=You feel like soaking back into this robotic porn-romance all over again.

Donna Summer - I Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Mega Mix Edit)