As Long As I've Got My CaT

sharon van etten - pickin' up rocks



Sun Araw - Horse Steppin’



Nobunny tracks times 3:


Ulrike Meinhof Boy_I Wanna Be Your BF

Thee Oh Sees - Bloody Water



Natasha feat Clipse - So Sick


Hot Shit

Boney M - Nightflight To Venus(Nightflight To UR Anus edit) ********************************************************



Black Devils;Disco Club album from 1978 is one of my all time favorites.
_//Dark//Fun//French pre italo Disco GOLD //_

"The Disco Club LP" by Black Devil is so amazing that I just had to write a review about it. This is a very obscure release by one of the earliest of the euro disco artists who would later personify an entire genre. Originating from France, this release developed a major cult following all over Europe during the last 25 years and it is now considered to have been a major influence on many of the early 80's italo disco and euro disco artists who emerged on the scene shortly after this release. As for this LP - it's a 2-sided vinyl release with 6 songs all having a copycat sound effect that makes each song sound similar to the others. The only difference is a few tweeks to the synthesizer, the speed of the drum machine's BPM and some different vocals which ultimately allowed the amateur artists behind the Black Devil act to create their one and only LP. The songs were all recorded in real-time and all begin with that dark and wicked drum beat that sounds less like a disco song but more like the procession of a tribal ceremony in the jungles of Africa. Very bizarre, very rare, and very good music. Get it if you can!
-review taken from discogs

...So, join the cult n get the whole album right here(rapidshare):



Tommy Seebach Band - Bubble Sex


Beat This

Mach - On And On