I Am On My Knees

It's not rocket science, it isn't even russian rocket science...But, MyOhMy.Pussycat Dolls will dig their own graves and Madonna is gonna grow a hairy penis on her left tit,after listening to this.I've never been more fond of mass-pop-culture than now.

Britney Spears-Womanizer


Jil, Gareth N' Rick

Spiritual,tribal,futuristic and complicated minimalism.In your face and down to earth at the same time.Raf Simons collection for the Jil Sander brand,took his african queens and put them in a 1920s themed spaceship.Rick Owens took his on a short religious trip to Rome,then quickly threw them back in the Bush(too much catholicism isn't good for anyone).Gareth Pugh didn't care for africans though, he took his old fashioned Romeo+Juliet stylewhores from LDN,moved them to Paris and dipped them in black and white Battlestar-Gallactica gear.
Boy,if I was a girl...I'd sure know which horses,to glue my money onto!==

Jil SanderSS09
Gareth PughSS09
Rick OwensSS09

Canned Heat-On The Road Again


Does This Feel Weird Where Y'all At?

This little selection of songs,is meant to give your brain a huge explorer and creater energyboost.After a hard week of slavering at school,work or in the 24hour party gutter,your braincells needs special care.After listening,you'll feel=a little scarred,comfort when you find out you know a few of the tracks(I tried to go 50/50 with the un and well -known),a need to climb trees and try new exotic fruits in the supermarket.

Banjo Or Freakout-Like You
Mi Ami-African Rythms
MGMT-4th Dimensional Transition
Shugo Tokumaru-D.P.O
The Cure-A Forest(extended)
Animal collective-The Purple Bottle


The Science Of Love

!Stephane loves>>Stephanie,who loves>>Stephane!-->Please click^^image^^to get the big screen effect,of true love(it's not that big,just a bit bigger.But,it's truely genuine).Being romantic is being bold;"I can't fall asleep, won't you hold my hand?".

Adam and the Ants-Dog Eat Dog



Female american comedians,their not my biggest pashion.But, there's always room for exceptions,like with wonderfull Stephanie Wier.Here's some of my favorite Weir moments:

^^As:Anna Nicole Smith^^

^^As:Dot,the mental girl^^

^^As:Angela Wright,the 8th grade reporter^^

Martha and the Muffins-Swimming


Egyptian street kidZ

They know where it's at,who the players on your national football team are,what alabast salesman is playing tricks on you,what papyrus-shop is full of banana instead of bamboo, who the russian slutts slept with to get alllll their vodka in the Mosk basement etc etc.
It brings tears to my eyes,that the only thing most ppl will think about the next many days when they hear the word Aswan is="terror" and kidnappings.I hope the clever kids I met there in 01,02 and 06 are all doing well and still be throwing donkeyshit on the crooked police,for snatching their hard earned cigarette money.

Egyptian Lover DJ-set


The Sign

A Snow leppard...I want a snow leppard tattoo NOW!After spending a nice day in Malmö followed by a crazy night in Copenhagen-with a sweet informative guy-I am 100% sure...I have to get a snow leopard tattoo__>>If not for me,then at least for him.

Baby's Gang-My Little Japanese Boy


Go To The Disco Tonight

I want to...I reallyREALLYreally do!Do some poledancing(with or without poles),talk with strangers bout the tramp that is caroline wozniacki,pretend I'm all sexed up on crystal meth etc. etc....Tonight is the night.It's gonna be great.



He Is Such A Pussycat

From rabies to PMS and fleas, my cat has got it all.He's actually kinda gross.He looks like a hobo,when in reality he's a pampered stay-in-my-home-most-of-the-time cat. When he's dead I'm not gonna get a new one...there won't be any mr.pussy nr.2!Then I'm gonna take care of the hobo in me.I need a bath and clean new clothes so bad.

The Shaggs-Things I Wonder


Flourescent Decay

"Why do I dream so often of his body-when-his body will decay?"

Jay Reatard-Fluorescent Grey


It's A Jungle Up Here

My head is starting to get filled with big branches and noisy exotic birds again.One part of my brain wants to be the explorer again,get a tattoo and take up smoking the funny kind of cigarettes again.The other wants to do borring things like reading schoolbooks,fill and empty the dishwasher and hunt the shops for cheap catfood.

Grandmaster Flash-White Lines(Don't Do It)



Cole Mohr crossdressing in ads for Marc Jacobs(who's wearing kilt at his ss09 mens Marc by Marc Jacobs show).Is it just me or didn't kilts used to be strictly for retarded musicfestival guys and "metrosexuals" who had David Beckham and Justin Timberlake as fashion icons?--.
-There haven't really been a more clever take on the androgynous look since Hedi Slimane made dressing like manwhores sexy+something both girls and boys could appreciate.Looking away from the horrible kilt "trend",the summer of 2009 seems to promiss something new and original. Both Bernhard Willhelm,Gaspard Yurkievich and to some extend Number (N)ines' Takahiro Miyashita have all been trying to do their take on the guy dress.While Bernhard and Takahiro have been dipping their wet willies in the royal bowl,Gaspard has taken it to the streets.That is prolly why Bernhard and Takahiros collections challenge your imagination to make their designs work in real life alot more than Gaspards.Keep in mind that you can make alot of styles work with just an ordinary borring pair of jeans for starters.So,put out your slim ziggies and take a deep fresh breath of NOW air.Be brave and don't behave

Links for researching=


MP3 for no stressing=
Zru Vogue-Cumulonimbus


Screaming Bitches Who's Witches

I had a dream last night.Well actually a nightmare.I was covered in blood,somewhere in a forrest.I was butt naked lying on the dirty ground with two BIG cat-like-ladypersons trying to pull out my teeth,sitting on top of me. They kept screaming dododododoooooo into my soar bleeding ears. That's apparently what u get if u listen to Afrirampo before you go to bed. I've never enjoyed a nightmare,before last night. I got blessed with a night-primetime/horror/happy hour.Thank You magical b.w.-itches!.




-Life is GREAT
-The sun is shining
-I Just saw Joakim B Olsen being hotter than ever,in the danish edition of dancing with the stars
-I just made oatmeal cookies
-I just ate oatmeal cookies
-I will sleep somewhere special tonight
-Life is GREAT

-This is for your GREAT weekend=
Allez Allez Pshyche Disco mixtape by Capablanca



When I was feeling most down this little princess made me feel like I was the king of the world.I know she's just a thing and she can't feel stuff...But getting a"I love you SO much" followed by a "hop di hop tingeling giggle" is just what I need these days.On the other hand I am glad that there's a sleep button on her,she's quite a talker.

If my furby held tini/tiny little parties at night-I bet this would be her fav track to bounce her robotie buttom along to=
Andre Kraml- Safari(James Holden remix)


Oh Boy!

Starting at a new school with new teachers,new classmates,new romances,new homework,new pencils new etc etc---Oh Boy,it's only been a week but I already need a vacation.

No Age-Things I Did When I Was Dead