Mawi Quizmas

Love served with love for topping and on the side for dipping....
Saint Nikolaj wishes you a Merry Christmas


EXCITEMENT she wrote

The 30.Dec.2008 till the 5.Jan.2009-->LONDON TOWN<<
this trip has got 1:ADVENTURES and 2:EPIC written all over it.Yam yam..Can't wait!

Coconot - Le Cheval Beats La Forét(live)


GooGlinG followed by GaGGinG

if anyone out there in cyberspace knows who composed the music for Ann Demeulemeesters' FW07 runway show...-PLEASE inlighten me!!I've been googling up and down the walls the past 3 days.It sounds to me like some kind of Ennio Morricone jam made in heaven....But,is it really that simple?


P.G.M.P Project

Are you into designers like;Guidi,The Viridian,Stephan Schneider,Bless,Damir Doma,Fallero Sarti or Giorgio Brato?
Do you like to donating money for good causes while gettin a little something something in return for your trouble?-like say a limited piece of clothing of ur own choice?
then go to straight to >>> P.lease G.ive M.e -a- P.resent

Aphrodites Child - Babylon


A midsummer nights dream in A winter wonderland..

If you're really in love with someone or something this christmas.Give him/her/it a disc of pure love...Give him/her/it a record from swedish Håkan Hellström.It doesn't matter that your loved one won't understand his swedish lyrics..cus the message of love shines through in every single word,in every single line,in every single song,on every single album.

>>>Håkan är kärlek<<<


The 1 n' ONLY Xmas Song That Never Fails...

-Put a great big smile on my dirty little face
-Almost poke my eyes out from all my crazy instopable jazzhand.ling.
-Make my toes tippin and a tappin directly into the new year..etc etc..I mean that song has got it all!You just know it's christmas,when Mariah is pouring her silicon filled heart out to the masses,about how un-important material things are next to the one you love.So deep,so pure,so very Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You


Jul Jul Jul Juuul Jul Jul

The first day of christmas is here...from now on it's hot redwine with cinnamon sticks,bloodsausages and stollen 24/7---Hope my digestive system is up for the challenge.

Erlend Øye - Last Christmas