Bambi nr.3

-Shown here with energetic Bambi nr.2.Bambi nr.3 is an unusually shy one. Even when there's no sight of humans it still likes hiding its' head, just in case there's a Bambipaparazzi or two lurkin in the surroundings.


Bambi nr.2-

-Is alot like Bambi nr. 1...But much more hyper and is always the first one to leave and guide the other bambies back from my garden back to their own fairytaleworld.


Bambi nr.1

These past few weeks a couple of deers have stopped by my kitchenwindow every morning to eat from my garden(their especially fond of rosebushes)..I know I should chase them away and put an electrical fence round our bloc...but then again life is short and bambies are SO cute to look at while enjoying your morning coffee.Bambi nr.1(there's 3 in total)-seems to prefer marguerittes to roses and cooling of in the shadow.

Moondog - Death, When You Come to Me


Youth Alcoholic

Yesterday was one of the more weird days for me..getting free tickets for the Green Koncert..seeing both Nick & Jay+Aqua(yes barbie girl Aqua)made me feel high on life...both acts were actually supercute and really determined to make everyone happy...the music really stunk- but it was performed with so much charm and sweetness that nobody could care less...Or maybe it was just the alcohol...Or maybe it's just the fact that I'm getting too old to make fun of crappy bands like that?hmmm


My New Favorite Book

LAUS HØJBYE is the name of one of Demarks´ biggest kiddie moviestars ever!---While doing secondhandshopping with my friend we found something both nostalgic and higly entertaning-->"The Diary of LAUS HØJBYE, a boy with crumbs in"..A 100page long book explaing the little movieboys´ way to stardom from age 0-13.....on page 28 is a reversed fanletter from a 9 year old girl named Jane to the young blonde hunk Laus:

"From Laus Højbye

Jane is sweet
I sing songs to you and the day in school and in the night.
I know where you live=copenhagen nr. 80....
I don't dare to say it to you because you are sweet
I love you

To Jane"

-I wish I was that creative with my loveletter writing when I was 9--.


Love Jammin

Give your best friend a call...make lovepunch...do some indoor tribal dance routines!


Fashionably late

Spacetravelers needs vacation too---After a really great experience at roskildefestival08 and a kickass trip to Cologne>>I'm back to treat your precious ears with a little present from the fashionable country of Mexico---a little urdo,japanese weirdness and the popular in-hip-elektra-rock is what this mp3 mix is all about---sent to me by dear friend Rafa of TEAMO!