"Mannen Som Elsket Yngve"


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Motion Picture Soundtrack standout-timeless-classics=
TJAMC - Just Like Honey
Buzzcocks - Ever Fallen in Love(With Someone..)?


Ye Old Rebel Giants

Thailand oppressionists beware_Bangkok skeleton masses of hatred are comming out to haunt your fancyfree,carefree and taxfree airports!-Keep in mind that non violence is the key to many chests.

The Slits - Eartbeat
Talking Heads - This Must Be The Place(extended Mix)



Lectures about n by drug addicted prostitutes are highly recommended..Heavy doses of reality poured straight down my ignorant throat.I am not so sure that the "right" to prostution is a human right anymore.
Best school day EVER!

Ponytail - 7 Souls


>>$nöws Upp Dude$<<

Wiiiii it's finally really here=The 1st danish Christmas snow.Not, the cheasy brown,gasolin soaked kind.But, the crispedy crunchy frosty unicorn-white kind!
I feel invincible...SNØW POWERS UNITE!

Giorgio Moroder-I Wanna Rock You

(pic from 4thDimension)


Obama Please CHANGE:

-Your twisted positive attitude towards death penalty.
-The fact that your nation along with Somalia are the only ones in the whole world who won't sign the United Nations convention on the rights of the child(UNCRC).
-Your silly and old fashioned religious believes.

Ata Kak- Obaa Sima



J-day...It's not John McCain-day..It's not Jerry Hsu-day..It's=Julebrygs-dag(christmasbrew-release-day).Yesterday was J-day here in Denmark.After 3 tall n frosty ones and jinglebell rock stuck on repeat I couldn't wait to escape the J-day madness.But, after the 7'th,a session of poledancing christmastbunnies,getting my body plastered with stickers saying "I mostly wanna date girls"____I sorta let myself go--
Waking up today,I felt the heavy monkeys doing their wicked dancemooves on top of my poor old head.But,instead of giving into hangover selfpity=====I'm gonna invite those monkeys down for a swing n some nachos,thanking my lucky stars there's a whole year till the next J-day.

Bali-Kuta Quintet


With Just a Touch of Grace

Dedicated to Laur...my belgian chocolate.
-----------GraCe JoNeS---------=
FeEl LoVe(DaNnY tEnAgLiA rEmIx)
She's Lost Controle(DUB)


Teenage Issues

Grrrr,prrrr and more grrrr.My 7day horrorspecial went to the evil hacker/cracker/virus-Gods.I had made all the 7 posts the weekend before the week of halloween n did the thing where it'll post itself on the actual day u tell it to(technology+science is great).But, somehow my diary only posted the first chapter and deletede the remaining 6:(Plus blogging me from entering my own "diary"!Turns out it had something to do with cookies(?) or whatever.Annyways I am back on track,feeling happy and positive.Fluffy kittens and harmonic children hymns is all I seem to need these days to get through.So that's what your gonna get too..

Virginia Astley - A summer Long Since Passed